Tasmania Picture Perfect

From first light to evening glow

from the past to the perfect days of the present

from the serenity and peace of nature to the unexpected surprises of Tasmanian life

Dennis Harding’s inspiring photographs capture the essence of the island state.

92 photographs

200 x 250mm - 112 page - Hardcover

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Australia's Island State Tasmania

A photographic journey through Tasmania.

With over 100 unforgettable images organised into areas,

The South, East Coast, North, North West and West Coast.

Best Book published in Australia

Gallery Club Award for excellence in book production and manufacture.

Spectacular Destinations

Tasmania is an island of wild coastlines, magnificent mountain peaks,

a place of people-sized cities, tree-shaded country villages,

convict-built architecture and a rich colonial heritage.

Forty classic images from one of the most beautiful islands on earth.

80 page 170 x 240mm - Softcover

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48 page 125 x 187mm - Hardcover

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