Film 1983-2006

I became very passionate about landscape photography In 1983 and purchased a Pentax 6x7cm camera. In 1986 I moved up to large format 4x5” for all of my work. During that time I solo walked into many Tasmanian wilderness locations including : Western Arthur Range, Federation Peak, Mt Anne, Southern Ranges,

South Coast Track, Frechmans Cap, Du Cane Range, Lake Rhona, Reyonlds Falls, Ketcham Bay, Walls of Jerusalem and the Cradle Mtn-Lake St Clair National Park.

I have owned several large format cameras but most of my best images where made using my personally modified 4x5 Linhof Technica camera.

This camera was made in 1957 and is now over 60 years old.

Hounslow Heath in winter, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1987 Reynolds Falls, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1991 Mount Ossa, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1987 Tributary of the Forth River, Gowland 4x5 Camera, 1995 Cradle Mountain from Little Horn, Gowland 4x5 Camera, 1996 Cradle Mountain from Little Plateau, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1990 Cradle Mountain from Dove Lake, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1990 Pandani detail, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1987 Lady Barron Creek, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1992 Lake Rhona, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1987 Fagus, deciduous beech, Pentax 6x7 Camera, 1984 deciduous beech near Mt Olympus, Ebony 4x5 Camera, 2005 Walls of Jerusalem, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 2002 Western Authur Range at sunset, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1988 Meander Falls in winter, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1992 Pre-dawn Cradle Mountain from the east, Linhof 4x5 Camera 1993 Twisted Lakes, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1995 Southern Ranges,  Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1995 Highland Stream, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 2001 Fagus and Ice, Cradle Mountain, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1992 Bastion Cascades, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1993 Sunrise at Ketchem Bay, Linhof  Camera 6x9 back, 1995 Olivia Forest, Ebony Camera 6x12 back, 2004 Weindorfers Forest, Pentax 6x7 Camera, 1984 Sunrise over the Forth Valley, Horseman 4x5 Camera, 2004 Snow near Pine Lake, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1988 Newfalls Creek, Horseman 4x5 Camera, 2005 North east ridge, Mount Anne, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1995 Rainbow over Mt Anne, Pentax 6x7 Camera, 1984 Lake Eonone, Ebony 4x5 Camera, 2005 Waterfall Valley, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1987 Moss covered trees, Liffey, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1997 Sunset, Western Arthurs, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1988 Rainforest, Mount Lot, Linhof  Camera 6x12 back, 1999 Snow, Smocko Creek, Linhof  Camera 6x9 back, 1990 Mount Oakleigh, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 2001 Tree ferns, Bastion Cascades, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1988 Federation Peak, Pentax 6x7 Camera, 1995 Waratah, Meander Falls, Linhof  Camera 6x9 back, 1996 Mount Murchison,  Horseman 4x5 Camera, 2003 Sunrise, Cradle Mountain, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1993 Richea scoparia, Pentax 6x7 Camera, 1984 Peron Dunes, Linhof  Camera 6x9 back, 1995 Picnic Rocks, Linhof  Camera 6x9 back, 1997 Nora River, Nagaoka 4x5 Camera, 1987 Cape Hauy, Horseman 4x5 Camera, 2000 Waterfall Valley, Linhof 4x5 Camera, 1995 Moses Creek, Pentax 6x7 Camera, 1983